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  • DirectionDurbanSA
  • Phone083 788 4749
  • Phone031 537 8100
  • Don't live in FEAR
    Don't live in FEAR

    We aim to provide ultimate security for your family, our guarding system is refined and experienced. 

    Your safety is our highest priority at all times. 


    CALL NOW - 083 788 4749

  • Escort Services
    Escort Services

    Security is the most important part of our lives.

    We need security wherever we go. Whether it's at work or home school. MEP Security provides services for all areas in your daily life.

    We provide escort services for when you need to get home or work or any area you wish to go.

    Call Today - 083 788 4749

  • Armed Response
    Armed Response

    We always seek to gain the trust of our residents in the community and always seek to be at their service.

    We come up with innovative and motivating ideas to ensure that our community is safe for all our residents to live in

    Call Today - 083 788 4749

Why Us?
  • Registered with PSIRA.
  • Qualified and Training ( A,B,C,D - grades ).
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Emergency Response.
  • Medical Response Services.
  • 24 hour call out for non-security related emergencies such as flooding, plumbing etc.
  • Vehicle hire facility.
  • Designated driver buddies.
  • Escort Units.