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  • DirectionDurbanSA
  • Phone083 788 4749
  • Phone031 537 8100

What is it?

An exceedingly trained armed response officer and his team (if necessary) will arrive at your premises ready to take any action he needs to protect you and make sure intruders are dealt with. He will be armed so that your safety becomes priority.

Armed Response provides a passive and active deterrent to burglars and other threats to your family, your residence and your business.



Why do you need it?


In an emergency situation it is essential to have armed response as the officers are trained to handle the pressure of the situation simultaneously taking action to protect and secure the premises. 




Why Us?
  • Registered with PSIRA.
  • Qualified and Training ( A,B,C,D - grades ).
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Emergency Response.
  • Medical Response Services.
  • 24 hour call out for non-security related emergencies such as flooding, plumbing etc.
  • Vehicle hire facility.
  • Designated driver buddies.
  • Escort Units.