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After a particularly violent home attack by a person well known to the family, M.E.P. Security’s intervention was priceless.

The home and person was secured 24/7 by Deven Pillay and his team where even our animals were cared for.

This was intelligent guarding at its best; response units precise and personnel dedicated. To our surprise we were given feedback about further attempts made to gain access to the property so far as to have assisted Law Enforcement with accurate details resulting in positive action.

 The personal body guarding aspect of the assistance was both discreet and highly professional. My family and I felt that our lives and lifestyle was saved and restored back to normal.

I cannot highly enough recommend the company for the measure of physical and psychological security we personally derived.

A blessing to know that “good fellas” still exist.

Safe and Secured.


The above-mentioned organisation has been involved in many community projects for over a decade in Northdene, Welbedacht, Richmond, Melmoth and Zimbabwe by way of feeding, clothing, basic medical care, toiletries, hampers, home improvements, education, HIV / AIDS support groups, etc.

Over these years we have seen thousands of adults and children benefit from these upliftment and empowerment projects. Therefore, we remain to this day committed to the task. Poverty alleviation is South Africa, however, is a daunting undertaking that cannot be accomplished by individuals or    independent organisations.

To this end we remain eternally grateful for our partnership with Deven Pillay and MEP Security. Their generous contributions consistently over the years has made our work in these many communities possible and indeed, successful.

Thank you Deven Pillay and MEP Security.

May God bless you richly.

Yours faithfully

Keith Padayachee     

Why Us?
  • Registered with PSIRA.
  • Qualified and Training ( A,B,C,D - grades ).
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Emergency Response.
  • Medical Response Services.
  • 24 hour call out for non-security related emergencies such as flooding, plumbing etc.
  • Vehicle hire facility.
  • Designated driver buddies.
  • Escort Units.