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The above-mentioned organisation has been involved in many community projects for over a decade in Northdene, Welbedacht, Richmond, Melmoth and Zimbabwe by way of feeding, clothing, basic medical care, toiletries, hampers, home improvements, education, HIV / AIDS support groups, etc.

Over these years we have seen thousands of adults and children benefit from these upliftment and empowerment projects. Therefore, we remain to this day committed to the task. Poverty alleviation is South Africa, however, is a daunting undertaking that cannot be accomplished by individuals or independent organisations.

To this end we remain eternally grateful for our partnership with Deven Pillay and MEP Security. Their generous contributions consistently over the years has made our work in these many communities possible and indeed, successful.

Thank you Deven Pillay and MEP Security.

May God bless you richly.

Yours faithfully
Date of Posting: 28 October 2014
Posted By: Keith Padayachee
In the early morning of 18th July 2014, I received an alarming call from a Durban relative informing me that my mum had fell and sustained serious head injuries. Being in Johannesburg at the time, made me feel helpless and this situation called for experienced personal in the vicinity to respond immediately.

MEP Security was located in KZN and Deven Pillay responded to the request. The MEPS personnel were onsite within 7 minutes of the call even before the ambulance arrived. They effortlessly took control of the situation by checking mums basic vital signs; ensure she was kept alert and managing curious bystanders. Once mum was comforted and secured, MEPS went further in lending a hand to paramedics when needed. I was updated on the hour until she was safely transported by ambulance and escorted by MEPS officials to Umhlanga Hospital.
To date we find that MEPS officials still visit my mum at Rehab and are instrumental in her recovery.

I believe a different outcome could have been the result, if MEPS had not responded in such a timely and proficient manner. The whole ordeal was dealt with as if it was their very own family member, which extends the arm of protection to a personal level.

Thank you MEP Security for saving my mums life.
Date of Posting: 23 October 2014
Posted By: Warren
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